“Harnessing and Profiting From Public Domain Content Real Fast!”

From the desks of Tony Laidig & Daniel Hall

What’s better…

Trading time for money?


Trading info products for money?

We can tell you from experience that it is far better to trade info products for money rather time.


Because there is only so much time in the day… 86,400 seconds to be exact… and once those seconds are gone they are gone forever. Therefore, earning is time-limited. And if you are smart you don’t want your earning to be limited in any way!

Here’s the important thing…

With info products you don’t have that limitation. In fact, with print on demand technology and automatic fulfillment THERE ARE NO LIMITS to how much you can sell and earn. The sky is the limit!

I know what you are thinking, “Yes, that sounds good but how much time will it take to create info products that sell?”

Great question… here’s the answer:

You can crank out high-quality, highly profitable info products faster than you ever thought possible when you know the secret. The secret is in knowing how to use public domain to produce info products fast!

For those of you who don’t know…

The public domain consists of works that aren’t protected by copyright or by other legal means. You are free to use public domain works however you wish, without seeking permission or paying royalties, because …

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  • their copyrights have expired; or
  • the copyright owner didn’t follow certain required formalities (so they didn’t get a valid copyright); or
  • the works weren’t eligible for copyright in the first place; or
  • their creators dedicated them to the public domain.


Take a moment and let that sink in.

Basically, what you need to understand is that if a work is in the public domain you can use it in any way you wish, without asking for permission.

For example, you can publish a work “as is” without changing or adding to it. Or you can publish a take-off of the work by adding value to it (this is called a derivative work). Or you take the work which is in one format and publish it in a completely different format e.g., take a book and record it as an audio CD or mp3. The possibilities are endless.

Let us show you some real-life examples of public domain works that are currently selling and making money for their publishers.

The original 1937 edition of Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill is in the public domain. So what some smart info product creators did is create derivative works like The Think and Grow Rich Workbook.


And this is a book that sells quite well on Amazon.

Or this product on Pelmanism put out by our friends Joe Vitale and Pat O’Brien which has earned tens of thousands of dollars…


And lest you think that all public domain is older content check out this example of a public domain book published by our friend, David Hancock, of Morgan James Publishing called “A Charge Kept,” written by the Bush Administration during the final months of the administration. This book sells very well and has for the last several years but because it was produced by the federal government it is in the public domain.


“Sure,” you’re thinking, “but I bet good, quality public domain is difficult to find.”

Actually, good quality public domain works suitable for info product creation are relatively easy to find when you know WHERE and HOW TO LOOK.

Fortunately, we have you covered there.

Fact is that is one of the main reasons we created the Real Fast Public Domain training. With this training we wanted to show you where and how to look for public domain works quickly so you have almost instant content to use in building outstanding quality info products that sell fast.

But it doesn’t end there. Once you have found suitable public domain content you must know what to do with it; how to create info products that sell from it and create these products REAL FAST.

It has been said that money loves speed. Which means that the quicker you can act on your ideas and get products up and selling in the marketplace the easier it is to make money. We wholeheartedly agree with that statement and see its power in our businesses daily!

Once again harnessing public domain content is the perfect solution. Of course, finding suitable public domain is only the first step. Once found you need to know how to format it and put it into actual products listed in real marketplaces like Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Oh ya… we have you covered there too – in a BIG way!

In fact, with the Real Fast Public Domain training we show you exactly how to take public domain content and quickly make paperback books, downloadable Adobe pdf ebooks, Amazon Kindle Books, Barnes and Noble Nook Books and even DVD’s, CD’s and audio MP3’s.

Then we take it to the next step and show you to get your products up in powerful marketplaces like Amazon, Barnes and Noble, eBay and even how to sell your products from you own websites.

[headline_tahoma_large_centered color=”#cc0000″]You Say You’re Looking for Long-Term Wealth?[/headline_tahoma_large_centered]

Want to know the secret of long-term wealth?

Of course you do and a big part of it is in establishing as many “set-it-and-forget” passive revenue streams as you can.

Well that is another thing you’ll discover with our Real Fast Public Domain training: How using public domain content you set up residual and royalty income sources. And here’s the real important thing you need to understand. You must make use of every automated and outsourced strategy at your command.

That means you use print on demand technology, automated order fulfillment and outsourced customer service solutions. That’s the trick, using these services and strategies to FREE UP YOUR TIME. Your job is to use public domain content to continually “stuff the pipe.” The more that goes in the more comes out on the other end with money and profits!

The goal here is to do the work once and then get paid and paid and paid and paid and then paid some more all from the first (and only) effort you put into a project.

Again that’s why using public domain content is so beautiful, you can set up these recurring and residual income sources real fast. In fact, we call this “delicious money”. Pound out one product get it on the market and then on to the next and the next and the next. Pretty soon you become a mini-mogul with lots of products out and working for you, making you money while you are sleeping, eating, vacationing or working on your next public domain-based info product.

And to prove to you that YOU can do it here are screen cap images from my Barnes and Noble and Amazon account. You see I have over 2000 titles and products in each account and they are primarily derived from public domain content.


I want you to have that most excellent feeling, that inner security, that knowledge that no matter what you are doing or where you are, you are potentially making money. All because you continually stuff the pipe with new info products based on public domain content.

“Evergreen” Not Just For Christmas

Here’s another huge advantage of using public domain content much of it is “evergreen.”

What does this mean to you?

“Evergreen” info products sell month in and month out, year in and year out. They don’t depend on trends or fads or constantly changing technology. They can be in niches like gardening, military history, photographic lighting or even basic stock market investing. In a word topics that “sell.”

Do you see how this fact works so well with the “set-it-and-forget-it” mode of wealth building we advocate?

Are you ready to harness this awesome power in your own finances?

I certainly hope so… because our Real Fast Public Domain course will show you, step-by-step and in exact detail how to:

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  • Find suitable public domain content that is evergreen;
  • Make real fast info products like books, ebooks, DVD’s, CD’s and MP3’s;
  • Use print on demand, automated order fulfillment and out-sourced customer service to save your time and free you up to go on to the next project; and then
  • Take these products and list them in international marketplaces like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, eBay and your own websites.


We designed this online video training so THERE IS NO GUESSWORK. Everything you need is laid out in astonishingly clear detail. The cool thing is the training is designed so you simply watch over our shoulders as we show you where to click and what to do!

We will also share with you another aspect of our success in using public domain content….

Outside the Box Thinking

That’s right you may be saying to yourself “public domain sounds great but if it’s free for everyone to use isn’t the market saturated with this stuff?”

In a word “no” it’s not, especially when you employ some of the outside the box strategies you’ll discover in Real Fast Public Domain training.

For example, we’ll show you the exact steps for….

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  • Making picture and coffee table books from old public domain films (take it from us NO ONE does this and if there are publishers out there doing this they are few and far between).
  • Taking federal government issued PDFs and prepare them for print on demand publishing on Amazon.com (that’s right we show you how to take and make money with all that awesome, high-quality federal government created content most of which is in the public domain.)
  • Converting the same federal government pdfs into files for upload to Amazon’s Kindle, Barnes and Noble Nook and Apple’s iPad.
  • Creating and selling on Amazon DVD’s from public domain content (think of programs you see on the History Channel that use lots of moving pictures and voice-over. Folks most of those are created using public domain content. Groovy, right?)


Nothing Else Out There Like It

We know, we are in this marketplace and we can safely represent to you that the Real Fast Public Domain training is the only thing out there like it. No other training even comes close for thoroughness, ease of use and the potential to produce real results and profits in your business.

Heads up…

Creating these types of public domain info products is easily and quickly accomplished but we do want to give you the heads up that it will take getting and using the right tools. Specifically, you’ll need some Adobe tools like Photoshop. And before you wig out and say “I knew there was a catch,” let us tell you that we show you how to get all the tools you need cheap. We then further show you how to use each of these tools to create the desired result, namely creating professional looking info products derived from public domain content with the potential to SELL BIG!

Sounds good, right?

Well it is good, but we also realize that some of you are still skeptical. You are apprehensive that you won’t be able to follow our easy-to-follow-steps.

We understand. That’s why we are offering you….

Our Personal, 100% Satisfaction, 30-Day No-Questions Asked Guarantee

We don’t want anything to stand in the way between you and the carefree lifestyle that publishing public domain info products can provide so we are going to reverse all of your risk.

All the risk will be on us because you will have a full 30 days from purchase to test-drive and kick the tires of the Real Fast Public Domain training. If it’s not everything we say it is; if you are not completely delighted with it or if you get it and you just determine that the training is not for you; then simply let us know within 30 days and you’ll get a not-questions-asked, no-hassle refund of all your investment in this next level training.

Fair enough? We thought so too…

But as good as it all sounds you want to know “what’s the investment?”

Here’s the truly great thing: This entire course could easily sell for $497. And let us tell you that this is a mere pittance for the kind of value that this training can provide you. We mean the application of this knowledge can mean a real and palpable change for the better in your life.

You want that change and we want to help you make it. So in an effort to make this a complete no-brainer deal… to remove every excuse… to lessen any issue you may have with the minimal investment in this program we’re going to allow you to get this training at ONLY $297.

And frankly if you can’t find a way to afford $297 then you’re not serious and this program IS NOT FOR YOU!

You see folks we want you to succeed in a big way. But it will only happen if you are committed and determined to succeed.

So make it happen, the time is NOW, the place is HERE. So go the ADD TO CART button below and make your investment in this awesome training now.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!


Real Fast Public Domain for only $297
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Yours for profitable public domain publishing REAL FAST,

Tony Laidig and Daniel Hall

P.S. If you ever wanted to harness the power of public domain content to create passive, residual and royalty income sources then THIS IS YOUR PROGRAM. All necessary steps are covered and not one stone is left unturned. Grab it now before the price goes up (not a BS marketing ploy – please don’t test this) get the training right now by CLICKING HERE.

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